The Blue Monster

I got this note from a reader last week:

I want to thank you for your wonderful book, “Making Things Move”. About three years ago I had an idea for an art piece that required motion… a very slow rotation. It was a long, painstaking, and also fun and rewarding process trying to figure out how to get there, and eventually I did.

But then my art life became so much easier: A friend of mine pointed me to your book, and it has been tremendously helpful. I learned so much that I decided to re-build the mechanism I had originally constructed and make a quiter, smoother, sturdier, battery-powered, and altogether better one. This weekend, I will be showing that piece at the Dumbo Arts Festival as one of their indoor installations. I’m adding a link below so you can see what it does.

Thank you so much for this well-written, well-organized, and altogether helpful resource!

As I told him, that’s just about the best email an author can get! The piece is pictured above, and below in detail. Yes, those are googly eyes. Thanks to reader and artist Sean Boggs for the pictures and permission to post his review! Click on this link to see his website with a video of the piece in motion.


2 thoughts on “The Blue Monster

  1. Reminds me of the Democratic party! seriously, thank you for this, your book and your ideas in general. I’m ordering the book.

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