Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Motor: Creating and Controlling Motion

This chapter covers the different kinds of motors and how to choose between them. Once you know what power and torque are and how to estimate what you need for a certain project, it becomes less voodoo and more of a process of elimination. We’ll also talk about some other ways to create motion, from solenoids and linear motors to emerging technologies like muscle wire. You can download the full chapter from this link.

Project 6-1: DIY motor

Project 6-1: DIY motor from Dustyn Roberts on Vimeo.

A few more photos… click the picture to get to the whole flickr set

Project 6-2: DC Motor Control 101 – The simplest circuit

Project 6-2: DC Motor Control 101 – The simplest circuit from Dustyn Roberts on Vimeo

Project 6-3: Solder that Circuit

Project 6-4: Breadboard that Circuit

Project 6-5: Motor About-Face (controlling direction using an h-bridge)

See also ITP’s H-bridge lab

Project 6-6: Using hardware PWM to control speed

Project 6-7: Using software PWM to control speed

Project 6-8: Control a Standard Hobby Servo

Project 6-9: Controlling a bipolar stepper with Sparkfun’s Easy Driver