Project 10-1: Not Lazy Susan

This project took 3rd place in the Gadget Freak Design Contest! It was also later featured in the Gadget Freak section of Design News online.

Download the FREE file to laser cut the table top here on Thingiverse or buy one from my Ponoko store. You’ll also need a shaft adapter to sandwich the rotary table to the top of the box and fit onto the motor. You can download that file for FREE here on Thingiverse to make yourself if you have access to a 3D printer, or buy one from my Shapeways store.

If you would prefer to follow a schematic while reading through the instructions in the chapter, here you go:

not lazy susan

Project 10-2: Wind Lantern

See the Instructable on this project for full documentation! You can download the FREE template for the laser cut parts here on Thingiverse, or go ahead and buy them from my Ponoko showroom. Click on the image or video below to be taken to the full flickr set. Since I posted the Instructable, the project was featured in an episode of Make: Live, uploaded to Make: Projects, and picked up by Hackaday!
wind lantern

Project 10-3: SADbot – the Seasonally Affected Drawing robot

See the Instructable on this project for full documentation!

SADbot has already been listed as one of The 10 Robots That Rocked in 2010 and one of The 10 Coolest Kickstarter Projects of 2010. SADbot also got some love from Adafruit Industries, IEEE Spectrum, True/Slant, Robot Living, and gizmowatch. And when Ben and I showed it at Maker Faire NY in September 2010, our booth won a blue Editor’s Choice ribbon!